Hilary Roberts

Hilary Roberts

Product Management Leadership


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Product strategy. Tackle your biggest business challenges head-on and harness the power of your whole team to accelerate growth.

Levelling up your product development and product operations. Ship better solutions faster and ensure they move the needle on your key business metrics.

Coaching for product managers and leaders to maximise impact. You have great talent in your team. Invest in your best people to get more impact from them today and ensure they continue to grow to meet your company’s future challenges.

Product team growth and hiring. Attract and successfully onboard great talent at the right time.

To hire me for consultancy, email me on hilary@hilaryroberts.co.uk or book a virtual coffee now.


Product can be a tough, lonely job—especially in smaller product teams or for product leaders. But it’s also one of the best roles you can have!

I’ve benefitted tremendously from mentors in my own career. With the right support, you can develop faster, make better decisions and level up your strategic impact.

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About me

2 x former CPO and ex-Director of Product. I’ve scaled global products, led through a turnaround culminating in a successful acquisition, and have repeatedly used product to access new buyers and markets, improve monetisation, and deliver growth for start-ups and scale-ups.

Originally from Alaska and with stints in Washington, D.C. and Amsterdam, I currently live in Edinburgh and split my free time between the sea, the hills, and books.

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